"Tiozzo F.lli & Nipote" (Tiozzo Brothers and Nephew) is a family-owned company established in the 50's.
We deal mainly in sand and gravel trade and in river transports.
Through many steps within the family, to-day Mr. Antonio Tiozzo ( the 'nephew' in the company name ) is Chairman with Massimo Tiozzo and Angelo Tiozzo sitting on the board (this last being also Technical Manager)
Tiozzo's history begins in Marghera (Venice) selling sand to the builders of the then developing industrial area.
Later, due to changes in the market conditions, we moved to Conche di Codevigo (Padova) switching to the sale of dried instead of wet sand.
To-day we are mainly suppliers of dried sand for sand-blasting and manufacturing purposes. Wet river sand arrives at our site where it is put into the oven, dried, sieve-cleaned and screened to the required gradations. End product is then ensiled ready for sale. We deliver the sand to our customers either by our silos-fitted vacuum-discharging truck or in bags of 50 kg., or 1500 kg. or in bulk.
Together with the sand-sale we also deal with in the inland water transports. We own self-propelled barges as well as smaller lighters which enable us to fulfil many different tasks.
We are specialists in: raw building materials; marine operations; pier, quay and dock construction; dolphins, wooden, iron and concrete pile driving; dredging; miscellaneous maritime works; disposal of muds and of any other waste material proceeding from manufacturing or excavating operations.