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  Our Place
Tiozzo F.lli & Nipote head offices are in Conche di Codevigo (PD). on the left bank of the Brenta River (Fiume Brenta) about 8 km. from Chioggia towards Venice.
  How to reach Tiozzo F. & N.:
  1) From Padova (about 35 km):
  Motorway A4> way out: Padova Est: follow directions to Chioggia.
  Way Out Padova, zona industriale: then Saonara> Piove di Sacco> Chioggia.
  2) From Mestre: (about 30 km)
  SS 309 (Romea), follow directons to Ravenna.
  3)From Ravenna: (about 100 Km)
  SS. 309 Ravenna-Venezia: follow directons to Chioggia.
    When you are in Conche di Codevigo turn West (Via Montalbano) reach the River Bank turn left (Chioggia direction) drive another 200 m. and you are arrived!
The center seen from the high